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How to Wash Windows without Leaving Hard Water Stains

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

What hurts the most when it comes to cleaning windows? The process of gathering tools and detergents? No! The procedure of cleaning windows? No! The hard work attached to windows cleaning? Of course, not! The main thing that irritates a person is the water stains on the windows, despite working hard, scrubbing and cleaning. Don’t worry, I have brought you some ideas to easily wash your windows without leaving hard water stains.

I surveyed Window cleaning Oakville and window washing Brampton companies to find out how can I wash the windows that they leave no stains in the end??? Here is what I found:

1. Try to Dry Your Windows with a Microfiber Cloth and use a Squeegee for Every Cleaning Session:

The worst part of our cleaning is that after rinsing the windows with fresh water, we leave them for air dry and hence small white stains of water start to appear on the windows. Now, in this case, Window cleaning Oakville experts suggest that one should completely dry the window before leaving along with the following method. Here:

1. Try to use a squeegee wiper with soft rubber so that it leaves no scratches on your window surface.

2. As an alternative, you can use a micro fiber cloth to dry the glass of your windows to keep them from water staining. Rub the surface gently while using the micro fiber.

2. Don’t use a wet Cloth to Dry Your Windows to Prevent Them from Stains:

When it comes to keeping your windows from staining, you need to use the proper tool for it or else stains won’t get removed. Some people use a wet, non-micro fiber cloth to dry windows. Well, regular cloth is good for dusting but don’t use it to dry water from your windows. It will not dry the surface properly, rather it will leave blemishes and it will make your windows looking stained, said window washing Brampton. This is because:

1. A wet cloth is not a good water absorber.

2. A regular cloth has threads on it that can leave scratches

3. Regular clothes require more time to dry windows and don’t do it perfectly.

3. Use Detergent Or Water According To Nature Of The Stain:

Well, mud and dirt hit your windows in various types. It is not just about leaving damped windows alone after cleaning. It can only be because of rain or a bird’s dropping. As the rain has dust in it, it can leave a bad brown water stain on the surface of your window. On the other hand, if the stain has yellow texture that could be job of a bird. Therefore, you will have to use:

1. A good detergent to clean your windows from stains.

2. A right napkin to rub the surface to get it free from stains.

3. And of course, a wiper or a micro fiber cloth to dry the surface after cleaning.

These are three ways suggested by the cleaning company that offers windows cleaning in various areas of Canada. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to Wash Windows without Leaving Hard Water Stains.

Washing windows with a microfiber cloth

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