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Brampton Window Cleaning Services

ProClean Window Cleaning is Brampton Ontario's best window cleaning service provider! We have been based out of Brampton Ontario since we started this company in 2009 and have been delivering in high quality Window Cleaning Services. Call us today for a free quotation and support our local business!

ProClean Window Cleaning specializes in delivering high quality window cleaning services to the Brampton Ontario area, we have all the latest window cleaning equipment to safely make sure your all windows are looking nice and clean. 

​We specialize in providing window cleaning services to commercial buildings along with residential buildings. We clean it all! From tall office buildings, to low-rise storefront or restaurants, to residential homes, you can be certain that we will come deliver to exceed your expectation with professional window cleaning services. Call us today for a free estimate! Or feel free to fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few reasons as to why you need to trust ProClean Window Cleaning with all your window cleaning needs.

At ProClean Window Cleaning, we promise to deliver high quality window cleaning services to the Brampton Community. That is why, we are so confident in our window cleaning services that we have a Window Cleaning Guarantee!

You do not have to pay, until you are completely 100% satisfied with our services! We take pride in our work, and we rather not take your money if you are unhappy with our services. We will do everything we can to deliver high quality window cleaning services. If you ever have any issues with our services, please call us right away, and we will do everything we can to rectify any issue you may have with our services.

We are Fully Insured

We have full 100% liability insurance up to 5 Million dollars, we have never had to use our insurance, but be assured that you are fully protected.

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We have all the latest Window Cleaning Equipment

We have all the latest window cleaning equipment, because of this, we are able to clean windows more efficiently. We use the latest pure waterfed equipment to clean windows up to 60 Feet high! All while safely working from the ground, as a result, you can take comfort in knowing that we are not at risk from any ladder fall, or high rise window cleaning risks. We work with our 2 feet on the ground.

Another advantage in using pure waterfed equipment, is that it saves alot of time! It is better, safer and cleaner! As it takes less time, it reduces the time it takes to clean your windows, which in turn makes our prices more competitive than all our competition!

No matter what your windows cleaning requirements are, just call us and we can offer our best cleaning solutions for your budget. At ProClean Window Cleaning, we will be happy to provide you with a free window cleaning quotation for your retail store, restaurant, office building, home and more. Get in touch with us and we promise to provide you with professional award winning Window Cleaning services in Brampton Ontario. We will make your windows sparkling clean.

If you are feeling frustrated with your dirty windows, then it’s time to go for ProClean Window Cleaning.

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We always care about the environment and your commercial building. That’s why we don’t use dangerous cleaning solutions in our window cleaning services. Our services include eco-friendly solutions. So, leave the cleaning and shinning to us, and we will offer you better peace of mind.

Window Cleaning maintenance Schedule

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, all want peace of mind, and ProClean Window Cleaning can offer you that. You can choose our bi-weekly, monthly quarterly or annual window cleaning schedules, and we will take care of your windows. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

(647) 861-2254

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